Viewer Overview

The Viewer is where the real detail work in Moxion happens. In addition to its namesake functionality, you can also do a number of other things from here, including uploading or downloading assets, checking their metadata, creating playlinks, moving or copying assets from between folders, and user management. 

The Viewer can be accessed by opening any folder from the Desktop tab consists of the following sections or clicking its tab in the top left corner of the app, and it broken down into the following sections:

  • The Top Menu Bar - Found across the top of the app.
  • Breadcrumb Trail & Tree View - These let you know where you are in a Production and Folder. Found just below the Top Menu bar.
  • Function Tabs - For everything you're able to do in the Viewer, located along the far left-side of the app.
  • Tab Panels - These pop-out from the left side of the app as you select each different function tab.
  • Metadata & Tags Panel - An additional pop-out panel that's specific to the Assets tab. 
  • The Player - The central part of the app where the selected asset is displayed.
  • The Comment & Markup Panel - Leave timecode-specific notes on an asset. Located by clicking the comment bubble on the right side of the app.

Some of those will link you to other articles, but we'll dive into the rest here!

Function Tabs

There are seven of these along the far-left side of the app for the different types of work you can do in the Viewer. The Asset tab is selected by default when you enter into the Viewer from anywhere in Moxion.

The availability of each function tab depends on the type of permission you have at the Folder, Production, or Company level.

Tab Panels

From top to bottom, the panels opened by each function tab are as follows:


Anything that's been uploaded to Moxion for viewing, from clips of video or tracks of audio from the score to the script or publicity stills. The assets themselves are organized into Batches, which could be everything from a single shoot day, the most recent cut of a film, or a collection of nice pictures of an animal co-star.

You can change the thumbnail for a video asset by scrubbing along it to find the image you want, then clicking and holding on it until the frame pulses.

Upload Panel

Add new assets to a Folder on Moxion, to a new or pre-existing Batch.

Manage Assets 

Copy or move assets from one Production or Folder to another. You can also delete assets here, as well as utilize connections to QTAKE or ShotGrid to send assets to either of those platforms.

Manage Teams 

Handle the contacts, teams and permissions for everyone on a Production or Folder. 

Activity Stream 

Monitor the goings on within the currently selected Folder. Allows you to see who's doing what, and when.


Privately share assets with anyone on or outside of the production. 

Folder Settings 

Contains both Personal and Folder settings. The former allows anyone to change their preferences for Email notifications and what information is displayed alongside each asset. The latter allows Admins control over security, watermarking and more across the Folder.

Metadata & Tags Panel

You can open this by clicking the View Metadata button on the top right corner of the Assets panel.

When you select an asset, any metadata associated with it will show up here, from its name to its frame rate or any associated LUTs. General file information (size, type, duration, etc.) is also contained here.

You can also label clips for quick sorting here by clicking on the Tags tab. To add a tag, click the + next to its name, and it'll be moved up from the pool of available tags.

The Player

This is where you actually get to do the fun part; view assets! Anything you've selected from the Asset tab will show up here. If it's audio or video, you can utilize the Transport Controls to dial in your viewing experience.

You're also able to create Subclips of any video assets you're watching (if you've got the correct permission level). 

Click play, sit back, and enjoy take notes to give to the director!