Top Menu Bar

This is the easiest way to navigate around Moxion's web, desktop, and iPad apps. All of the action here happens on either the Left or Right sides. 

Left Side

On the top left are three tabs for each of the different workspace views within Moxion:

  • The Inbox Tab
  • The Desktop Tab
  • The Viewer Tab
  • The Realtime Review Tab

Right Side

On the top right are five elements, from left to right:

  • Connectivity Widget: This displays information about load times on videos you've played, as well as the status of integrated servers and CDNs used by Moxion.
  • Help Button: Opens up our integrated support widget, which gives you full, searchable access to our Knowledge Base, the ability to submit Support Requests from within Moxion, as well as a surface-level view of the information from our Site Status page.
  • Initials Icon: Displays the initials of the account you're currently logged in under.
  • User Name: Displays the name of the account you're currently logged in under. Most users will have one sign-in, but it is possible that you may be a member of a group login like Editorial, in addition to having a personal login.
  • Settings Menu Tray: Clicking this gives you the option to lock your screen or go to your account settings.
    • Lock Screen: This will conceal your current session behind a password prompt without affecting any uploads or other processes you may be running.
    • Settings: Opens up your account settings