Moxion for iPhone (iOS)

Moxion for the device you've always got with you! Our iPhone app lets you keep an eye on any production in Moxion that you're across and if you're using an iPhone 8 or newer, you'll be able to view assets in HDR or Dolby Vision

If using an iPhone on set, we always recommend ensuring that the connection is via WiFi as opposed to cellular data, as that typically offers a more stable and predictable connection, in addition to being able to troubleshoot any network-related issues should they arise.


If you're working across more than one release environment within Moxion and have been added using the same email address in both places, you'll be presented with an extra step when you log in. 


The iPhone app is slimmed down for an optimal mobile viewing experience, but it still has a lot of the familiar structure from our full web and desktop apps. You'll always land in the Inbox view, and the Desktop contains as much or as little of the folder structure as you would have access to elsewhere. While there isn't a separate Viewer here, you do still have access to the metadata based searching and sorting options available there. 


This contains all the notifications from uploads or Playlinks you've received through Moxion. When you first land, you'll see the messages as filtered by all the productions that you're a part of. Selecting any of those productions will show you the messages associated with it, and choosing any message will open it up to list the assets associated with it. 

Tapping any of those assets will begin playback. From here, you're also able to set a specific resolution and dynamic range for the clip you're viewing. 

The other notable feature of the Inbox on our iPhone app is the ability to filter by Company, which can be helpful if you're working for more than one client at a higher level and want to only see the work for one of them.


This reflects the view of the same name from the web app, complete with its more robust folder structure. Each selection you make will bring you a step further into that, from Company, to Group, to Production and then any folders you've been added to. 

Within any folder, you'll find subfolders as well as the ability to open up the folder to see any assets that have been uploaded into it. The inside of each folder contains any batches that have been created to organize their files, which can be sorted and filtered using the metadata attached to them.


This option is only available to those who've been granted the ability to download or make assets available offline through their permission level. More information about this process can be found in our article on Offlining Assets for the iPhone. 


This is where you can do a little personalization of your iPhone app Moxion experience. Up at the top, you''ll find a couple toggles related to playback controls:

The options available are:

  • Sequential Play - Enables or disables the continuous playback of assets in a message or batch. 
  • Play Action - Allows you to only watch the portions of an Immediates clip which have been marked by the video assist as Action.

Under those are a list of choices you can make available for Grouping or Filtering. 

You can choose as many Grouping options as you like, but only four filters can be active at once. 

And, finally, this is also where you can log out of the iPhone app. Doing so will remove any assets you've made available for offline viewing and will also require you to reenter your login information the next time you wish to access the app.