How's Moxion Pronounced?

We understand your confusion! There's an M and an X and an I, and maybe someone you know and respect has told you on the sly that it's pronounced, "Motion."

So How Do You Say It?

The way we pronounce it ourselves is, "mock-see-yon."

But I've Heard It As Motion. From Credible Sources.

Anyone who pronounces it as Motion has probably been using us for a long time, or worked with us around when we first started! Back then, we said it as Motion, too, but that wasn't great for searchability (plus, someone else also owns the trademark for a product with that name). 

Well, Thank You!

You're welcome! If there's anything else we can help you with, have a look around the rest of our knowledge base. Maybe you'd like to learn about our HDR10 and Dolby Vision implementation, our suite of Live products, or our camera to cloud workflow called Immediates? You can also reach out to our success team if you like to discuss linguistics, uploading, or anything else Moxion-related.