Creating Composite Live Streams

If you're working with our Live integrations and you have viewers who want to be able to see more than one stream at once, we've got you covered! You can create composite live streams containing any combination of broadcasts you need. 

Note that Composite Streams are not enabled by default at this time! Please contact to have us switch the feature on for you. 

To start the process of combining your existing streams, open up the Folder Settings wherever the streams were originally created. From there, choose Create Stream as you would when establishing a new connection. From there, select Composite Stream from the dropdown menu. 

This is where you'll configure all the options for your live stream; the title and description, as well as the source for its audio track, how many live streams it will have, and where they come from. 

Once you've given it a title and description, choose the audio source that will play over the live stream. This can be from one of the feeds that you add, a different source entirely, or none at all if you're just looking for a silent multi-stream setup.

Clicking the Add Video button will let you begin selecting the streams that you want to be part of the composite. Each time you click it a new source dropdown will be added and from these you'll be able to choose which video feed is added. 

Once you've added all the streams you want, click the Update button to finish the setup process. We'll then create a new multi-view Live stream in a batch that's called Composite Streams. This can be moved, copied and renamed the same way you would any other stream in Moxion. 

Editing Existing Composite Streams

You can make changes to any composite streams that you've setup at any time. These types of streams all have an Edit button that lets you readjust the settings for that multi-input feed. 

Clicking that will open up the same workflow where you can edit the name, description, audio source and number of streams. If you need to remove an existing one, just hover over and click the minus button next to its source. 

After all the adjustments have been made, clicking the Update button will save all the changes and update the composite stream!