Navigating the Redesign

While we work on the upcoming redesign of Moxion, we have an early access version up that you can access if you've been asked to be a part of the beta test. This article will highlight some of the broader elements of the changes you'll find if you don't have the time for a tour.

Please note that the redesign is currently in a closed beta where it's only available to a few of our users. If you're interested in learning more, would like the opportunity to participate in testing, or have access but want a walkthrough (which we recommend), please contact


The most obvious change you'll notice at first glance is that most of the top navigation (Inbox, Desktop, Reports, etc.) has been given an icon and moved to the left side of the app:

Mousing over each icon will give you its name. Several of these have more than one function from the previous design within them:

We'll dive into each of them in more detail, but here's a quick overview of what they are and what they do:

  • Inbox - All your messages and playlinks still live here.
  • Desktop - The biggest change with the redesign which gives you a more traditional file-based navigation while combining our our old Desktop and Viewer experiences and adding context-sensitive global search. We'll go over this in more detail in a separate article, but it's worth noting here that any navigation will also change the folder location for other tabs (e.g. Playlinks, where you'll be uploading to under Transfer, or who you see in the Manage Teams panel under Administration).
  • Rooms - This is where you can create Rooms. It's unchanged from the previous design experience. 
  • Playlinks - The workflow for Playlinks has been given its own tab. You can navigate between productions and folders using the breadcrumb tree dropdown menu.
  • Transfer - Everything related to file management on Moxion. Uploading, moving or copying between folders are all here, as are the Send to QTAKE and ShotGrid options. You can navigate between productions and folders using the breadcrumb tree dropdown menu.
  • Administration - Tools for high-level work that inlcudes Company Settings & Watermarking, Production Templates as well as user Import/Export. Also includes the Manage Teams panel for general user administration and the Activity Stream. You can also switch companies from here, and navigate between productions and folders using the breadcrumb tree dropdown menu from the Manage Teams or Activity Stream.

Inbox and New Player

This is still your splash page and the first thing you see when you log in. The Inbox itself is much the same as it's always been, with any messages and playlinks listed chronologically, but the persistent player has had some changes to the transport controls as we unify our player experience across every part of Moxion.

Going from left to right, we've got:

  • The playback buttons - Previous, back 10 seconds, Play, forward 10 seconds, and next clip. 
  • Timecode selection - Lets you choose between SRC, ABS time codes in addition to Frame. 
  • Timeline and playhead - Shows your progress through a clip. 
  • View selections - Windowed with additional clips, windowed, full screen. 
  • Resolution and dynamic range indicators - Shows relevant details about the quality of assets you're viewing. 
  • Volume - Adjustable and mutable
  • Playback quality selection - Lets you manually choose from available playback options. 
  • Transport control options - Adjust things like auto- and sequential playback, shows keyboard shortcuts, and more. 


You can find a detailed walkthrough of the new Finder here.


The same Rooms experience you know and love. Our article on Rooms will direct you through to anything you want to know about them.


Almost completely unchanged from the current design of what you'd find if you clicked the Playlinks tab in the Viewer.

The most notable difference is that you'll need to use the Breadcrumb Trail & Tree View to switch between folders and/or productions.


This houses everything related to the movement of assets up to and around Moxion. The Upload panel is still unchanged, but you have to take advantage of the Breadcrumb Trial & Tree View if you want to upload into a different folder. The Manage Assets tab also works the same as its current iteration.

From here you can also choose to send any assets from the folder you're in to QTAKE or ShotGrid, if you're utilizing those connections on your production.


This is where high-level work related to users, settings and watermarks can be done. General settings and Watermarking at the Company level, as well as mass user Import/Export are all found here. The Manage Teams panel, Activity Stream and Reports all live here now, as does Production Template Management.