Beta Limitations

Our new Finder beta introduces fresh ways to get work done in Moxion. It forefronts the most important thing - your assets - while still keeping the more detailed layers close at hand when you need them. What you're able to work with now is an iterative beta where every 2 weeks more of the features we're bringing to the Finder will become available!

The current estimate for feature parity between the Beta redesign and the Classic Moxion design is for Q1 2024.

You will still have to switch back to the Moxion Classic environment for some tasks as the Finder beta is still working towards complete feature parity. Here's a reference image where a production is selected and displaying the top level of folders in the Finder beta (on the left) and the Moxion Classic design (on the right):

This is a running list of those places where you'll need to toggle back into the Classic environment for full functionality, and further down you'll find details about each one:

Limitation Breakdowns

Here are the details for all of the above items. If you've got any further questions, please reach out to the Customer Success team via the in-app Help button or writing to

Deleting Productions

It is not currently possible to delete a production in the Finder beta, but you can still remove them while in Moxion Classic.

Post Upload Asset Status

The processing time and percentage information displayed on a clip after it's uploaded in the Finder beta is not as dynamic as it is in Moxion Classic.

Thumbnail Selection

The ability to click and hold on an asset thumbnail to set a new image is currently only available in the Classic experience.

Renaming Batches

These asset containers cannot yet have their names changed in the Beta. That is still available in Moxion Classic.

Comment & Metadata Exports

The options for downloading feedback left via commenting and markup from a folder, or its asset metadata is still to come in the Finder Beta. You can still do all of these in the Classic version of Moxion.

Folder Settings - Live Stream Creation

You are not yet able to create a live stream from a Folder's settings in the Beta, but can still set one up in the Classic version of Moxion.

Folder Settings - Shotgrid and QTAKE Integrations

Our intergrations with Shotgrid and QTAKE are not currently available for setup in the Beta. They can still be accessed in Moxion Classic.