Welcome to the Moxion Redesign

These changes are all about making your life easier in Moxion. From top to bottom, every aspect of the experience is fine-tuned based on years of your feedback.

Easier to Find, Organize, and Share

To accomplish that goal, we've updated our app with:

  • A new navigation menu
  • A file system view
  • Drag-and-droppable assets
  • Global Search across every production and folder

The new navigation sidebar helps you quickly get to the tools in Moxion that you need the most, and the new filesystem view has been optimized to help you work across multiple folders - intuitive to anyone familiar with navigating the macOS Finder or Windows Explorer.

Our much-requested Drag-and-Drop functionality makes moving or copying files fast and easy, while Global Search makes locating the assets you want to move easier than ever before!

Easier to Stay Informed

The redesigned Moxion Inbox makes it simpler for you to stay on top of any activity that's happening across the Productions you're a part of.

These intuitive changes include the ability to:

  • Manage your Inbox with the new Read/Unread, Archive and Flagged options
  • Customize your views and filter your messages
  • Keep on top of file uploads and movements with our new Folder Activity section
  • Quickly check your Playlink activity in the Shares section
  • Pin your favorite Productions to the Inbox's sidebar for quicker access to specific projects
  • Jump directly to any Live Streams you have access to

Easier to Work, Everywhere

Our redesigned Apple TV experience makes working from home or a screening room easier with a poster-driven Inbox. If you need to dive deep into a production, we've also made the entire Desktop experience available for the first time in the tvOS app! Every production, folder and subfolder is there at your fingertips.

We're also bringing an updated Inbox and Navigation to our iPad app, with both iPad and tvOS getting a streamlined login experience.

Easier to Go Live

Streaming to Moxion has been supercharged with our new Moxion Connect app - allowing you to go Live with just a few clicks! Stream directly into a Room or Folder from editorial, color or VFX workstations with compatibility for 10-bit color depth.

Moxion Connect also introduces an all-new Transfer option, allowing for bulk upload and download of entire folders of assets!

Easier to Help You

We'd love to hear what you think! Get in touch with us via the Help menu or reach out to support@moxion.io with any feedback!