Inbox Overview

The Moxion Inbox makes it easier for anyone to stay connected and up to date with everything that’s happening on all of the separate Productions they may be a part of.

It's designed primarily as a place to get in and start playing assets as quickly as possible, with as few hurdles as possible. The tab itself sits in the top menu bar, next to the existing Desktop and Viewer tabs, so you can always go deeper into Moxion if you need to. 

Note that Inbox Only mode can be enabled for specific users, restricting one's ability to see the Desktop or Viewer tabs. If you're not able to see those and need access to more tools than the Inbox provides, please reach out to the Admin or gatekeeper on your Production. 

The Moxion Inbox is, at its heart, a combination of email inbox and asset viewer, with all of the Productions you're a part of listed along the left side of the app. Anything that's been shared with you as an upload or sent as a Playlink can be found as a message in your Inbox when you select a Production.

Clicking on any of those message will display their contents; the assets associated with the upload or Playlink.

The Inbox is also the home to our Persistent Player, which sits across the bottom of the app at all times while you're in the Inbox. 

You can use it to view assets at any time - just select a message and press play or tap the space bar. The Persistent Player has three different display modes represented by the three different icons below - try each one to see which works best for your workflow.

Across the top of the Inbox is a handy breadcrumb trail to show you exactly where you are within a given Production. Clicking on any of the breadcrumb elements will select that part of your Inbox.

The Inbox also has a Search function to help you filter out the Productions being displayed, whether you’re looking for a message from a specific person, a distinct asset, or you just want to find something based on the text of a message.

Below the list of Productions on the left side of the Inbox are a pair of options to help you quickly refine your view to any messages that are Unread or see just the Playlinks that you've been sent.