Desktop Overview

The Desktop view is where you can access all of the Companies, Groups, Productions, and Folders you've been added to on Moxion. It uses a nested Folder structure and there are two different layouts you can choose from for organizing and navigating the Desktop: Icon and Column view.

We've divided the Desktop view into five sections:

1.  The Top Menu Bar - Located in the top-left corner of the screen, this includes the tabs for Moxion's Inbox, Desktop and Viewer modes.

And in the top-right corner are the icons for our Connectivity Widget, Help Button, one's User Initials & Name and the Settings Dropdown menu (which contains the options for Settings and Lock Screen).

2. The Sub Menu Bar - This houses the Company Switcher, Folder display options, and backward/forward buttons used for retracing Folder navigation choices. It's located beneath the tabs for Inbox, Desktop, and Viewer.

The Company Switcher is helpful if your account has more than one company associated with it (say, separate TV and Film divisions), or you're doing VFX work for separate companies. You'll be able to use this to jump between those. 

3.  Groups and Productions - Located on the left-hand side of the desktop, these are higher-level ways of organizing your work in Moxion. At the top are Groups (Pre Production, Active, Post Production, etc.) and below those are the individual Productions (e.g. a movie, or a season of a TV show).

4.  Folders - are at the center of the Desktop. Think of these as bins that you can grant or restrict access to (such as Released vs Unreleased Dailies), use as homes for more specialized assets like Cuts, VFX Stringouts and Scoring temps, or utilize in any other way you want to keep a specific Production organized.

Folders in the Icon view:

Folders (and a subfolder) in the List view:

5. The Information Panel - This displays general information about the Group, Production or Folder you've selected. If you're looking at the latter option, it will also show the Folder's participants and a few settings for it. The Edit button under Participants will bring up the Manage Teams panel. The Edit button under Settings will open the Folder's settings in the Viewer tab. Clicking the View Assets button will bring you into the Viewer with the asset view selected.