Desktop Layouts

The Moxion Desktop allows you to switch how the nested Folders in it are displayed for however functions best for your Moxion work flow. You can choose from  either the Icon or Column layouts. 

Icon Layout

This is the view that longtime Moxion users will be most familiar with; large Folder cards listed side-by-side that have room for a short description of what's inside. 

The biggest difference our nested Folder structure brings to the original Desktop view is that clicking to go into the Folder no longer sends you directly to the Viewer tab. Instead, you'll be taken a step deeper, into the Folder itself.  

There's also a separate information card which tells you how many assets are in your current Folder which you can also use to open up the Folder. The Action Menu on any Folder will also let you access the Viewer. 

You can use the Breadcrumb Trail or Tree View dropdown to reorient and back yourself out of any Folders you've clicked into at any time. Another helpful tool for navigating nested Folders is the Back and Forward buttons.

Much like a web browser, these simply step you back out, or into, a Folder you've been in before. 

Column Layout

This arrangement shrinks the size of each Folder and orients them all on top of each other, with the cards for New Folder and information at the bottom of the stack. Clicking any Folder will bring up the next set of subfolders in a column to the right of the level before it. 

This layout is ideal for quickly navigating between Folders or subfolders and keeping an eye on the overall organization in the Desktop.

Folders and their Action Menus work the same as in the Icon layout; the back and forward buttons will move you in the direction of you last selected Folder in either direction, and you can hop into the Viewer by clicking the View button on any information card.