Early May 2021

New Features and Updates 

There's a bunch of new additions and iterations coming through with our Late April 2021 release. 

iPhone Inbox

Go fully mobile! We've managed to shrink the Moxion Inbox down to its most portable version yet so you're able to check it from our iPhone app. Inbox Only playlinks are no longer limited to the iPad or desktop experiences and you've got the full Moxion experience in the palm of your hand. 

Comment Notifications Default to Off

Inboxes rejoice! Any new productions that you create on Moxion will now have email notifications for comments disabled by default. If you would like to get an email when folks leave comments, you can still go in to enable that at either the Production or Folder level. 

Quick Timecode Display Changes

We've brought back the ability to click the type of timecode to change what's being displayed against the assets you're viewing in our transport controls. Clicking SRC, ABS, or FRM will allow you to cycle through each display option. 

Shotgun Mapping for Folder Names and Asset Tags

We've updated our Shotgun mapping to include folder names and asset tags so that information no longer has to be found or entered manually. 

Default Team Permissions for Production Admins

The ability to set a default permission level for a team of users is now available to those who are Admins at the Production level. 

Improved Feedback in the Upload and Teams Panels

Some small updates have been made to add more visual feedback during waiting periods when performing actions in the Uploading and Manage Team panels.

Improved Tracking for Deleted Comments

Our Activity Stream now has better messaging related to when comments made by admins are deleted by other admins. The record we display now more accurately describes who performed the action when either user looks at it from their end. 


We've also put out a number of notable fixes!

Company Admin Access Issue

There's been some unexpected behavior when re-adding users who are currently part of the Company Admins team after its access to a production has been restricted. Specifically, trying to add someone who is still on the Company Admins team back by assigning them to another team with different permissions did not restore their access. This has been fixed to allow that behavior to work as expected; Company Admins can regain access to folders they have been removed from by being added to a different team with a lower level of permission. 

Remove User Issue

A specific problem has been discovered when trying to delete a user in the Manage Teams panel from a company where no one has been made a Company Admin. The check for that has now been removed from the process, and users can now be removed when no one has that highest permission level. 

Playlink Download Issue

The ability to download assets from Playlinks where a user hasn't been invited to the folder, or required to create a Moxion account, has been returning an Access Denied error. We have fixed the cause of this, and the medium and low-security playlink options will both allow one to download assets when that option has been toggled on. 

Lockscreen Entry Issue

When typing in your password to regain access to Moxion from the lock screen, pressing the Return/Enter key on your keyboard wasn't initiating the login process and you needed to click the enter button to validate your login credentials. This has been fixed so that you only need to use a keyboard to get into Moxion.

Inbox Thumbnail Scrubbing Issue

Scrubbing and clicking within a clip's thumbnail hasn't been starting or queueing playback to the Moxion Inbox. We've fixed this behavior to match how thumbnail scrubbing works and affects playback across the rest of Moxion.