Mid August 2021

πŸ“£ New Features and Updates πŸŽ‰

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

πŸ’‘ Realtime Review Multi-Host

A review session creator can now promote any other participant in the session to a host. This can be done during review session creation or within an active session. A review session host has the same access as the session creator - they may edit, start and stop sessions, promote other users to host status, and control active session synchronization.

πŸ’‘ Export Metadata to Non-PDF Formats

We've added additional Format options to Export Metadata & Comments to allow for CSV and ALE exports of an asset's metadata. With there now being multiple format options available we've folded the Export to ALE button into this menu.

πŸ’‘Better Metadata Support for MXF Files

Downloading an MXF now includes all metadata from the original file, so that when downloaded and imported into your editing program you're able to see information such as Scene/Shot/Take without needing to context-switch. This is now enabled by Default for new uploads.

πŸ’‘Realtime Review Exits

We've updated the way you leave a Realtime Review session - there's now a prominent Exit button in the top-left corner of the window.

πŸ› Bugfixes 🐞

Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release. 

HEVC HDR10 Files Processing as SDR

Some users reported that their HEVC HDR10 files were not correctly displaying as HDR for playback within Moxion - this has been resolved.

Safari Timecode Input 

When clicking on Time Code Field to display Time Code, Input only worked when video is paused - this has been fixed so that you're able to input a timecode whilst the video is playing.

Internal Server Error when Moving Batch

In some situations when moving a batch an 'Internal Server Error' would prevent the move/copy - this has been fixed and the batches can now be moved freely.

Huge Avatars in Realtime Review Sessions

In some situations when waiting for the host to rejoin, their avatar displayed too large - this has been fixed and they now scale appropriately.