Late September 2021

πŸ“£ New Features and Updates πŸŽ‰

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

Support for iOS

Our iOS, iPadOS and tvOS apps are ready for the newest operating system updates from Apple.

Realtime Review Improvements

  • Assets can be added, removed or reordered while a session is active.
  • Review session comments and annotations
  • We've also introduced a new tabbed UI layout for the right panel, where:
    • Session settings have been moved to the Settings tab.
    • Text chat has been updated and moved to the Chat tab.

πŸ› Bugfixes Also Use 🐞

Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release.

Deleting Batches

In some circumstances an empty batch would be left behind if you deleted a batch in Manage Assets. We have made changes to make sure that those empty batches are swept away and removed.

Realtime Review Chat

In some circumstances the chat box in a Realtime session wouldn't scroll as new messages came through. Our newly upgraded chat resolves this issue.

Hidden Batches and Realtime Sessions

Bringing assets from a Hidden batch into a Realtime session could cause problems for users who cannot see the assets due to permissions conflicts. Now, if the Host has permission to add/view the hidden asset it will be playable for all members of the session.

Subclipping Errors

In some circumstances attempting to create a subclip of an asset resulted in a video processing failure error. We have identified the cause of this, and made changes to resolve the issue - all subclips now process as expected.

Watermarked Streaming of DRM Assets in Safari

In some circumstances the user could experience a playback error when attempting to play watermarked assets with DRM. We have identified the cause of this, and have made changes to resolve the issue - playback of all assets works as expected.

Starting Live Streams

In some circumstances the user could run into an β€œunexpected error occurred when trying to connect to the server” message when attempting to start a broadcast using Moxion Stream, or may encounter streams not connecting via QTAKE Cloud. We have identified the cause of this issue and streams should start immediately as expected.

Watermarking PDF Files

We have enabled additional PDF protection for downloaded files, preventing them from being editable.