Mid November 2021

📣 New Features and Updates 🎉

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

Multifactor Authentication: On Device Activation 

For users who are mobile-first, we've streamlined onboarding new MFA users by allowing the setup to be completed on your mobile device. In the QR code step for MFA activation, we now also display this onscreen and allow for it to be manually copy/pasted into a supported MFA/authenticator app.

Moxion Desktop Performance Updates

We've made changes to improve the performance and stability of our Desktop apps. If you prefer to use Moxion as an app separate from web browsers, you can find a download  for that here.

🐛 Bugfixes 🐞

Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release!

Error Code 3 When Navigating to Inbox in Safari

Since updating to the latest version of Safari, some users have experienced Error Code 3 issues when navigating between the Inbox and the Viewer. We have identified the changes in Safari 15 which were causing this issue and have made changes to resolve.

Playlink SSO Access Issues 

Some SSO-provisioned users reported that certain playlink content was not visible within their Inbox despite being invited as a participant. We have identified the cause of the issue and have worked with the affected admin teams to ensure users have access.

Realtime Drawing Annotations 

We have made some tweaks to ensure the correct drawing tool is selected when posting a comment with annotation in a Realtime Room.

Moxion Desktop: Realtime Audio Inputs 

We have identified and resolved an issue where audio inputs (microphone etc) were able to be selected but were not being used by the app.