Late November 2021

πŸ“£New Features and Updates πŸŽ‰

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release! 

Scheduled Playlinks

Now you're able to send a playlink at a specific time to ensure prompt delivery and maximum impact! Scheduled Playlinks will arrive in the recipient's inbox at the time/date specified - ideal for when you're working late to have everything ready for the morning!

HEIC Support 

To add to our growing list of supported file formats Moxion now includes support for the HEIC filetype - typical of images taken on iOS devices. No more converting required - upload HEIC assets straight into a batch for preview and sharing.

πŸ› Bugfixes πŸž

Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release.

Monthly Activity Reporting

We have identified and resolved an issue which could cause the Monthly Activity to appear not to be updating within the Reports tab when filtering by User.

Composite Live Streams on the Apple TV

Some users reported issues when attempting to view composite streams consisting of multiple live assets through the tvOS version of Moxion. We've made improvements to how these streams are handled on the Apple TV and have made adjustments to ensure that the streams will appear at the top of the inbox as expected when Live.

Asset Sorting

We've resolved a bug which caused folders to sort incorrectly when using a numbered folder system. These will now sort as expected, e.g.:
9 | 

We've also made adjustments to how sorting works within batches to ensure that when working with assets named with the American Slating System are displayed and ordered correctly, e.g.: