2022/03 - Mid March Release

💬 Feature Enhancement

We've expanded some of the messaging around multi-part files (such as Dolby Vision asset + XML combos) to better communicate the post-upload processing stages the asset is going through - as well as adding extra checks on our Validate Files step to catch catch even more potential mismatches and saving you more time from re-uploading!

🕵️ Bugfixes

Playlink: Editing
We've identified and resolved an issue where playlinks would no longer show their list of recipients once sent.

tvOS: Login
We've identified and resolved an issue with the tvOS app which would force affected users to login each time they launched the app.

Moxion Desktop (Win/macOS)
We've expanded support in the Moxion Desktop app for existing company/studio specific instances.

Spatial Audio: iPad and Apple TV
We've identified and resolved a number of issues relating to Spatial Audio on tvOS and iPadOS which prevented some users from playing back surround audio.