2022/05 - Early May Release

📣New Features and Updates🎉

These are the most notable new additions to Moxion for this release! 

📺 Improved Apple TV Controls

We've fine-tuned the tools you use to browse assets from the comfort of your couch. The new additions are single frame movement or 10-second jumps forward or backwards, and fast forward or rewind options. 

When Paused, swipe up to get to our new frame-by-frame navigation:

⌨️ iPad Physical Keyboard Shortcuts

We've added support for playback controls to our iPad:

  • Cmd + J, Cmd + K, Cmd + L for back, play/pause, and forwards.
  • Cmd + ←, Cmd + → for -1 and + 1

📄 Watermarks Added to Thumbnails in PDF Exports 

We've updated our PDF exports so that each thumbnail image includes watermark information to further increase their security bonafides.

Native Audio Support on iPhone

We've improved our support for audio-only assets across Moxion with focus on the Inbox (Previously, selecting an audio asset in the iPhone inbox would just show a message saying the asset type was unsupported)

Update to Usage Information Displayed

We've updated the Information Panel for a folder within Desktop view to display more information about the storage usage of that folder. It now displays:

Usage: This is the combined storage size of all files that were uploaded to Moxion, as well as the storage size of all generated files that Moxion creates to optimize files for playback.

Upload: This is the storage size of only the files that were uploaded to Moxion, and not the generated files.