2022/09 - Mid September Release

New Features

Production Templates

Picked up for another season? Now you can create a Production Template based on an existing Production and redeploy it as many times as you need to.

Copy Folders

Copy Folder and Sub Folders

Copies the folder structure of the production

Copy and/or Assign Teams
Copy Production Teams and Permissions
Assign Company Teams

Brings the Production level teams over as empty teams without participants.

Assign Users
Production Team Assignment
Apply Folder Access
Apply User Permissions

Brings the Production level teams over as full teams and assigns the same participants to the folders with matching permissions.

Note: The creation of production templates is restricted to Company Admins.

Template Management

Your templates can be managed in Settings > Company Settings > Production Templates

Within this screen you can see all available templates with the option to Delete templates as needed.

Clicking on each template will reveal some metrics such as the user who created the template, how many folders it contains and how many teams/people are within.

Playlinks: Playlink Security Options

We now able to help specify a minimum-level of Playlink Security for Playlinks across a production or folder, allowing you to choose: 

Highly Secure Playlinks: Highly Secure - Inbox Only / Link with Folder Security
Medium Secure: All of the above plus Medium Secure - Link with Access Code
Least Secure: All of the above plus Least Secure - Link without Access Code

Bug Fixes

Playlinks: "Show in Folder"

We have identified and resolved a bug that could prevent some users with the "Uploader (Share)" permission from being able to use the "Show in Folder" menu on a playlink asset (where applicable).

QTAKE: Uploading assets with metadata containing Special Characters

We have identified and worked with QTAKE to resolve a bug where assets containing special characters within their metadata (eg, © for Copyright) were not able to upload to Moxion. QTAKE have updated their QTAKE Server app to resolve this behaviour.

Admin: "Allow Company Admins Access"

We have identified and resolved a bug which could cause Company Admins to not be reassigned to a folder when re-enabling the "Allow Company Admins Access" feature.