2022/11 - Late November Release

New Features

Company Admin Only: Import/Export Teams as a CSV

Building on our support for CSV management last release, we have expanded this feature to allow for bulk management and creation of Teams across Companies/Productions - allowing for adjustment of Permissions for each team and which Productions those teams are then assigned to.

These teams can then be used in our "Export People" functionality to assign individual participants.

Moxion Connect (Beta): Added support for Blackmagic DeckLink devices.

Users in our Moxion Connect Beta can now use BlackMagic Decklink devices for Live Streaming.

Bug Fixes

Realtime: Creating a Room

We have identified and resolved an issue where some users would not populate in the list when adding users/teams to a new Realtime Room.

Viewer: PDF

We have identified and resolved an issue where PDF files could fail to display correctly for users.

Asset Processing

We have made minor improvements to improve the speed of asset processing across Moxion.