2022/12 - Early December Release

New Features

Production Settings: Draft Production

We're introducing a new feature for admins called "Draft Production" - on creation this starts your production in a draft state where notifications won't be sent and access will be limited to users with an Administrator permission set. This allows you to perform bulk setup actions (such as adding users to folders) without sending a barrage of emails. When you're done simply disable Draft Production in Production Settings to get back to business as usual.

This feature can also be enabled after a Production is created - again available from Production Settings.

Playlinks: Medium Secure (Link with Access Code)

For added security we now include the access code to a Medium Secure (Link with Access Code) playlink in an additional, seperate email.

Bug Fixes

Realtime Rooms: Create Room

We've improved the reliability of the Realtime Room creation process for productions with large user counts.