2023/01 - Mid January Release

New Features

Moxion Realtime (Beta) - Redesigned Lobby Screen

We've redesigned the Realtime tab to help you identify and jump into available Rooms quicker whilst paving the way for some exciting updates in the future!

You're now able to Filter rooms using the drop-down menu, as well as adjusting the Sort options for the displayed rooms.

To Edit/Open/Close rooms you can click the room and choose from the the dropdown to modify the selected room.

Under the Hood - File Updates

We've changed some aspects of how we handle/generate assets behind-the-scenes for a smoother, more unified experience.

Bug Fixes

Manage Assets - Move Assets Notifications not being sent

We have identified and resolved an issue that could prevent a notification email from being sent when choosing to Notify Participants when moving assets between folders in some cases.

Shotgrid - "Send Automatically"

We have identified and resolved an issue with our Shotgrid integration that could prevent assets from being pushed despite the "Send Automatically" option enabled.