2023/03 - Mid March Release

New Features

Moxion Rooms: Playlists Pane

Our new Playlists pane lets you quickly bring additional (or replacement) playlists into your Moxion Room without needing to leave the session. Open the pane and click the (+) button to add or (x) to remove playlists from the Room. Click Save to lock it in and have the changes reflect within the Room.

Beta: Onboarding

Easily opt in to the Moxion Beta for a sneak peek at the future of Moxion (Coming Soon...)

Bug Fixes

Downloading: Audio Files

We have identified and resolved an issue where a zipped file containing the Proxy and the Original was downloaded when selecting only Original.

Moxion Rooms: Room Creation

We have identified and resolved an issue that could prevent a production from appearing in the Production list when creating a room.