2023/04 - Early April Release

New Features and Updates

Mobile Devices: Simple Code Authentication

We've added the ability to use the Moxion app to scan a QR code as a way of signing into our Apple TV app, saving you from having to log in on another computer or via mobile browser.

Bug Fixes

iPad: Downloading Large Assets

We've indentified and resovled an issue that was preventing feature length assets from being made available for offline playback within the Moxion iPad app.

Web App: Access Denied Error When Selecting Folders

We indentified and resolved an issue that was causing those with the ability to access a folder to recevie an error message indicating that they did not have access to the folder.

Administration: Cannot select a Production when exporting/importing teams and users

We've identified and resolved an issue that was preventing Admins from being able to select a produciton when exporting user and team information.