2023/10 - Early October Release

Beta Updates

Desktop: Search

Within Search you can now find and navigate to specific Folders, helping you jump to specific locations around Moxion.

Beta: Feature Parity Updates

Parity: Download multiple assets

Users are now able to select multiple assets to download at the same time from within the Desktop view.

"Show in Folder:

Users are now able to see the "Show in Folder" prompt when previewing assets in the Inbox from Share notifications and playlinks set to "Medium Secure (Link with Folder Security)"

Parity: Manage Teams

Administrators can now Add/Remove teams and users from within the folder's Participants panel.

Parity: Asset Options

Parity: Upload Options

Administrators are now able to define Upload Options within the Folder's Upload Options panel.

Parity: Personal Settings

Users are now able to adjust their Personal settings, including Email Notification settings within the Folder and Asset View settings within the Avatar menu (bottom left with your initials)

Folder-Specific Personal Settings
Global Personal Settings