2023/11 - Early November Release

Beta Updates

Parity: Watermarking Settings

This update introduces the Watermarking panel to the Desktop, allowing you to take full advantage of the Watermark Templates within your production so that you'll only need to setup a watermark once before applying wherever needed.

Distributing content externally? Create an "EXTERNAL" watermark template with larger elements that are more visible on screen!

Distributing internally? Create an "INTERNAL" watermark template with fewer elements for less obstruction!

Watermark Templates can be applied at the Company, Production, Folder and even Playlink-Specific level, ensuring that your watermarks are consistent however they might be applied.

Drag and Drop: Now Between Productions!

We've expanded on our Drag and Drop functionality to allow you to drag and drop an asset between folders within different Productions (provided you have at least Uploader Permissions in both locations).

Bug Fixes

Moxion Connect

We have identified and resolved an issue with Moxion Connect that could prevent users from being able to log in when accessing certain Moxion domains.

Inbox: "Play All"

We have identified and resolved an issue with the "Play All" function within an Inbox message to ensure that all assets play sequentially.