Early August 2021

📣New Features and Updates🎉

Here are the most notable new additions to Moxion in this release!

💡 UHD Watermarked Streaming

You're now able to stream content in the highest available quality settings along with your watermarks - allowing you to view the content in it's best resolution whilst maintaining asset security!

💡 Admin and Usage Reports

If you've ever been curious or needed to know how many folders a specific user has been added to, how much space you're using at any level, or other granular details related to people management and storage on Moxion that's not readily displayed in other parts of our platform, you might be interested in our new Admin and Usage Reporting tool!

We're rolling this feature out to users with Company, Production, or Folder Admin level permissions, giving Administrators. 

💡 Hidden Batch Notifications

Need some members of the team to greenlight uploaded content before notifying everyone? Now we have the ability to notify some users of uploads to Hidden Batches, letting them get those last checks in before unhiding it and making it visible to everyone in the folder.

Additionally, we have a new Admin setting where we can restrict users to only upload to Hidden Batches, making it so that the Uploader cannot upload into a non-hidden batch by mistake.

💡DNx36 MXF Metadata Downloads

Downloading an MXF now includes all metadata from the original file, so that when downloaded and imported into your editing program you're able to see information such as Scene/Shot/Take without needing to context-switch - This feature is currently available on request

Custom Export Metadata & Comment Report Names

If you're exporting a lot of metadata or comment reports it could be tricky to find the right file in your downloads folder - now you're able to name the file as you export it!

Playlink Contacts Filter

When creating a Playlink you can now filter contacts by All or by Production - helping you make sure you're sharing with the correct users if you or your company are across a number of productions.

Comments Info Context

When someone leaves a comment you can now see which resolution they were viewing at the time - helping put their comments into context.


Here are the highlights of our resolved issues coming through in this release.

Upload Notifications

In some circumstances notifications weren't being sent for Upload Notifications - this has been resolved.

Live Stream Showing as Disconnected

In some circumstances a Live Asset could show as Disconnected within Moxion despite being Live/On Air - this has been resolved.

Manage Teams

We also squashed a bug which was causing some users slowdown when assigning a user to a team or a team to a folder.

Search Page not Scrolling

The engineering team have sprayed their Digital WD-40 and the Search Page scrolls smoothly once more.