Commenting and Markup

In addition to being a robust platform for watching assets, the Viewer also gives you the ability to leave comments and even mark it up with a beacon, or your best trackpad drawing of a house, face, or to-be-CG'd monster. 

You can start working on that by clicking the word bubble to the right of the player to open up the Commenting and Markup tools in our web, desktop, or iPad OS apps.


If you need a larger work area for either of those, you can disable Pin Mode, which hides the Assets tab. You can recall and dismiss that tab at any time by clicking its button on the left side of the page.


Once you've opened up those tools, you can get right to work. Stop the player at any point and start typing in the box on the lower right hand corner to leave a comment at the point in the clip's timecode. 

Click the Post button to leave your comment. This starts a thread that you or anyone else in the Folder will be able to leave followup comments on. 

It also leaves a marker on the timeline indicating the presence of a comment to others. Clicking that marker moves the playhead back to that location and brings up the thread for viewing and replying to existing comments, or writing new ones. You can also click any of the comments in the list and the playhead will jump to wherever it was left. 

If you'd like to edit or delete your comment after posting it, you can click the action menu under it and select either option. Edit will allow you to revise what you'd typed. Delete brings up a confirmation window where you'll need to reaffirm your choice. 

If someone else has commented on a clip or has already replied to one of yours, you can follow up by clicking the Reply option under the relevant thread. Just type your response in the in-line entry field and click Post to leave it. 

All the Edit, Delete, and Reply options are also available on the comments you leave as Replies. 

When you leave a comment on any asset, a green triangle is added to the top right corner of its thumbnail in the asset list as another visual marker of the change.


In addition to traditional text-based comments, you've also got the ability to mark up the clips you're viewing. 

Click the Pencil icon that's next to the commenting text entry field to bring up those options. There are several ways to mark up clips: a Pencil you can use to draw freehand, a Beacon, and several preset shapes.

The Pencil tool allows you to draw on the frame you've selected for whatever clip you're viewing. You can get as basic or as elaborate in your drawing as you like, and incorporate any of the different color options from the selector beneath the tool. 

The Beacon tool allows you to drop one or more points of interest on the frame of the clip you're viewing. You can also take advantage of the color options to make the Beacon(s) pop out against the background of the asset itself. 

If you're having second thoughts about part of your drawing, or left a Beacon in the wrong place, you can take advantage of the Undo button to back up however many steps you need to. There's also a Redo to get back to where you left off.

All markup can also be linked with text comments. Click the T icon to go back to the Text entry tool, before or after you've left any kind of markup. Enter the comment as you normally would, and (if you've already made your drawing or dropped the Beacon), and click Post to put them up!