Flow Capture gives you the ability to cut out a specific section from any asset you've uploaded to create an entirely new clip. The resulting subclip is generated from the original source file, so there's no copying of copies.

This feature can only be accessed by the following permission groups: Administrator, Downloader and Uploader. In addition, sub clipping is only available when viewing in the Viewer (folder), and not in the Inbox

If you generate a subclip from an HDR or Dolby Vision asset, it will only generate an SDR version.


The keyboard shortcuts to create a subclip may be familiar to those with experience in editing. 

  • Mark In - Sets what will be the starting point for the subclip you're creating.
  • Mark Out - Sets the end point for the same subclip. 
  • Create Subclip - Once you've got the In and Out points set, this lets you begin the process of making the new asset.


Follow these steps to successfully create a subclip:

  1. You first need to select a video asset and then start watching it. Note that this must be done in the Viewer (folder), as sub clipping is not available when viewing clips in the Inbox. 
  2. Type I when you reach the point in the video where you want the new asset to start.
  3. Continue viewing the asset and press O when you get to the intended end of the subclip. You can trim the In or Out point of a subclip by going back and marking I or O at a new point. 
  4. Once you've got the boundaries set, press the Return key (or Enter, for the Windows set). This will bring up a modal asking you to confirm the name of your subclip.

  1. Click Create to start the new asset processing. This will generate an entirely new clip from the source file that you've been viewing. 
  2. Once the clip has finished processing, you'll be able to treat it as you would any other video asset on Flow Capture. You can leave Comments against it, add it to Playlinks, or move it another Folder or subfolder. You can also just watch it and bask!

Every subclip inherits all of the metadata that was part of the source file (this also includes any tags that may have been applied while it was on Flow Capture). 

Can I Subclip a Subclip?

Yes, but this is not recommended as it may produce unexpected results. 

If you have access to the original file, we'd recommend making a fresh subclip. If you aren't able to view it, you can try leaving a comment asking someone who does have access to generate a new subclip for you.