You can utilize Flow Capture's frame accurate, timecode-based commenting tools to transcribe any clips you've uploaded. 

Our suite of keyboard shortcuts can be mapped to your pedal, allowing you to smoothly control playback and write without having to click back and forth between different parts of the app. 

You'll know that you're in transcribing mode when you see an orange dot in the top right corner of the comment field.

The easiest way to map shortcuts to your Pedal is by using software like Peddable or USB Overdrive (external links).

The most important control when doing transcription is CTRL. That lets you use nearly all of the existing transport control shortcuts while you're doing your work. Beyond those, there are some new actions that are specific to this workflow:

  • CTRL+P - Opens up the transcription workflow (aka, hot commenting) so you can start typing while playback continues. 
  • CTRL+Enter - Posts the text at the point where you first started the transcription. 

As mentioned above, much of our playback control also exists through by adding CTRL in front of the existing shortcuts. Here are a few examples:

  • CTRL+K -  Pause playback while transcribing.
  • CTRL+L - Play or fast forward while transcribing.
  • CTRL+J - Rewind while transcribing
  • CTRL+N - Skip forward five seconds while transcribing.
  • CTRL+M - Jump back five seconds while transcribing.