Creating an API Access Key

An API Access key is used to integrate Flow Capture with other applications like QTAKE. Once you've created and signed in to your account on Flow Capture, setting this up is surprisingly easy!

Click below for a video walkthrough, or read on for written instructions:

Start by clicking your initials in the lower left corner, then click the "Access Key" tab on the left:

Next, click Create Access Key:

This will create an access key which you can copy and use in your integration. Be sure to copy and paste this key somewhere that is easily accessible to you, but private and secure from others.   

Note that your access key can only be viewed and copied this one time. Once you click OK, only the first few characters of your key will be shown again in this section, and the key cannot be copied again.  

If you lose your access key, or you just want to create a new one, you can click the Reset button, at which point a new key will be created. Just like before, this is the one and only time this key can be viewed and downloaded, so be sure to keep it on hand to have at the ready for when you need it. 

Laslty, you also have the option to click the Remove button, which will remove any and all integrations with your account.