What Is Moxion?

Moxion is an award-winning (2020 HPA Awards for Engineering Excellence) and revolutionary cloud-based collaboration tool for filmmakers. It allows you to share as you shoot, edit as you capture, and collaborate in real time, on set or off, from the backlot or the other side of the world. 

Moxion is Immediates - brining you and your collaborators the footage you need as soon as a take is cut. 

Moxion is Dailies - providing world-class quality that allows your crew and collaborators to view what's been shot. 

Moxion is Realtime - allowing you and anyone else on your team to review a cut, grade, or VFX stringout as part of a live room with full voice chat without having to leave our platform. 

Moxion is Color - with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR 10, the vision of your creatives has never looked this good or been this accessible. 

Moxion is Secure - with DRM, forensic watermarking, MFA, SSO and regular validations at the highest levels of MPAA grade security, your work has never been safer or more protected.

Moxion Saves - our tools have been proven time and again to genuinely help filmmakers make better films faster while lowering costs, shortening shoot days and eliminating the need for pickups.