Personal Settings

For a video walkthrough of each of these Personal Settings, have a look at our Onboarding - Personal Settings page.

Your account settings allow you to change and customize certain aspects of your experience in and around Flow Capture. You can manage these by clicking on your initials in the lower left hand corner:

Once you do, you'll see 6 tabs in total:

Note that you may see fewer tabs depending on the level of access or permissions that you've been granted.

Below these, you'll also see an option to lock your screen, or to log out of Flow Capture.

General Settings

This tab contains a number of general settings tied to your account:

Realtime Alerts

With Flow Capture open in your browser or Desktop app, visual alerts can be received for New Assets as they become available, after upload, in any active Productions or Folders to which you belong.

It's also possible to have an accompanying Sound Notification, the volume of which is adjustable, that keeps you informed about New Assets when you have Flow Capture open but are working in another browser tab or working on other tasks on your workstation.

Another feature here is the ability to have new assets Autoplay once they have arrived in the Folder you are currently active in; this will have the effect of supplanting any activity that you are engaged in at the time in that Folder.

A note of caution around our Realtime Alerts! They are specifically designed to be obtrusive, so if this is not to your liking, be sure to tailor them to your needs or switch them off entirely.

Lock Screen

This relates to the interval between your last interaction with Flow Capture and when the app will enter its Lock Screen mode. You can select from any of the following intervals:


This allows you to choose and set the timezone you're located in. Just begin typing Pacific, Atlantic, Europe, America, Africa, Asia, etc and timezone-representative cities will be listed, for example, Pacific:

Time Display Formats

Here you can customize how Flow Capture displays the time when you're logged in. 

Support Access

Need help with something? By checking this box you are formally giving Flow Capture Support the ability the login into your Flow Capture account, remotely, using your login credentials.

Any activity carried out by Flow Capture Support agents is not listed in the Activity Stream audit tab.

Inbox Only

Just interested in viewing the Dailies in your Folder? 

Streamline your Flow Capture experience by checking this box limiting what you can see when you login to just your Inbox.

Personal Settings

The Personal Settings tab allows you to control two main settings:

Asset Views

This allows you to customize the three lines of information that display below each asset in the Assets tab. You can set Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 to display a wide variety of information related to that asset

Email Notifications

These toggles determine what kinds of email notifications you wish to receive.

IMPORTANT: Note that some of these notifications require both sides of the action to turn notifications ON.

For example: If someone is uploading an asset, they will have the option to toggle the sending of notifications ON or OFF when doing so.

Similarly, you have the option to toggle the receiving of upload notifications ON or OFF as well. Unless both the sender and receiver have this toggled ON, notifications will not occur.

Roles Tab

In the Manage Teams Tab, it's possible to apply an industry role to each Contact/Participant in your Folders. Flow Capture has a pre-established set of Industry Roles (such as Director, DOP or Executive Producer) to choose from or you can add Roles as you see fit.

Account Tab

This tab allows you to change your name or password.


Under the Devices tab, see all devices that have accessed your account in the last 28 days, or currently accessing.

Click the arrow to unfurl a list of browsers, the location, and timeline of access. 

If you see devices you don't recognize, you can Secure your Account to reset your password.

Access (API) Key

This tab relates to a Flow Capture product called Immediates. It's used when integrating with the QTAKE video assist software to allow for nearly instantaneous remote review through Flow Capture, anywhere in the world. 

For a video walkthrough of each of these Personal Settings, have a look at our Onboarding - Personal Settings page.