The Persistent Player

You may have noticed some play controls and other icons at the bottom of the browser when you first logged in, or hop over to Moxion's Inbox tab. Those controls are for our Persistent Player, which is designed specifically to allow you to view assets without having to leave the comfort and productivity of the Inbox.

Starting from the left side of the screen, the Persistent Player has the following:

  • Options: The full suite of settings for the Player's transport controls
  • Action: A toggle for any clips that come through with action markers via Moxion's Immediates integration with QTAKE. Enabling this will only play back the portions of the clip that have been marked as Action.
  • Playback controls: The standard Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, as well Skip to Next, or Back to Previous actions you may remember from the days of home video.
  • Player Views: This trio of icons allows you to choose how the assets you view are displayed during playback in the Persistent Player.
  • Timeline Zoom - Indicates the current level of Zoom in the timeline. Useful if you're working with EDLs.
  • Resolution and Dynamic Range Icons - Visual indicators to let you know the quality of asset you're viewing. 
  • Quality Selection: Gives you the ability to choose a specific playback resolution or switch back to Auto. Also includes the Loop function, which you can toggle for continuous playback.
  • Sound: Adjust the volume, or click to mute.
  • Fullscreen: Toggle to enable/disable fullscreen playback.