The Information Panel

This gives you a snapshot of the Production or Folder you've selected while in the Desktop view of Moxion, including the name, who's involved, and some of its settings. 

The information displayed varies depending on whether you've selected a Folder or Production. 

Folder Information

The information displayed here is divided into four different sections. Their availability depends on a user's permissions.

  • Folder Information: A basic overview of details about the selected Folder, including how much storage space is being used. 
  • Folder Participants: Displays information about anyone who's been added to the Folder. Clicking the Edit button will open up the Teams panel where you can edit the Participants.
  • Folder Settings: At-a-glance details about the DRM, MFA, and transcoding has been enabled on the Folder you've selected. Clicking the Edit button will bring you into the folder with the Folder Settings opened.
  • Folder Color: Lets you change the color of the Folder header.

Those with Administrator or Downloader permissions will see all of the above information. Anyone who has Viewer and Uploader permission only see the Information and Settings sections. 

Production Information

Clicking one displays basic top-level information about the Production, how much storage it's using, and gives you the ability to change its color.