The Information Panel

The Assets tab  features an information panel on the right that serves as a quick snapshot of the selected Production or Folder.  

The information displayed here is divided into several sections. Note that you may not see all these sections on YOUR information panel, as the availability of the information is based on your user permissions for that production or folder. 

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Folder Information

When you have a folder selected, you'll see the following info:

Basic Folder Information

This includes the name of the folder, as well as the Prouction that it falls under. Each production also lives within a Group, which you’ll see listed as well, and if the folder has a Description included, that will also be displayed.  

Overview section

Here, you'll discover general information about the folder, including its creation date, the number of rooms associated with the Production itself, number of subfolders the folder contains, the number of assets found within our folder, and the current storage usage that folder is taking up. 

Settings Summary & Color Selection

This section offers a preview of the settings that have been applied to your folder, providing a quick glance at the security and playback configuration. 

At the bottom, you'll notice a palette of colors, allowing you to color code your folders and productions for easy visual identification. 

Production Information

If you select a production, the information displayed is essentially the same. However, you’ll also notice an additional section called 'Production Image' appears. This section allows you to upload a poster for your Production using the 3 vertical dots icon, which will add a personalized touch to your experience. 

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