Connectivity Status Check

The Moxion Connectivity Status Check detects issues with network connectivity that may impact on your playback experience. Click the connectivity icon in the top right corner of the menu bar to open it up!


This has slightly a different look and location depending on where you're accessing Moxion.


In the Classic version of Moxion, you'll find it to the left of the friendly, purple Help button:

In the Beta version of Moxion's browser app, you'll find it between the Beta toggle and the Help button in the top right corner:

iPad App

In this app, you'll find it in the same place in both the Classic:

and Beta versions:


Once it's open, you'll be presented with a host of information about your internet connection on Moxion:

Green dots indicate that network connectivity is adequate and you can expect a responsive viewing experience from Moxion.

Orange dots indicate that network connectivity is degraded and as a result Moxion may be slow to respond.

Red dots indicate that there is a connection failure or severe problem with network performance and Moxion will not function properly as a result.

  •  Status Page - Find out information about any incidents that may be affecting your experience.
  • Support - Contact Moxion support either through the in-app 'Help' or on

Why is my Video Streaming Speed slower than my speed test?

The Video Streaming Speed Check measures the average loading bitrate of videos you are playing in Moxion. It is not a measure of maximum capacity. The video player is somewhat "lazy" and will not consume more bandwidth than is required to ensure smooth video playback. At Moxion we benchmark the Video Streaming Speed check to set appropriate levels (Green, Orange, and Red) based on video playback performance testing.