Connectivity Status Check

The Connectivity Status Check detects issues with network connectivity that may impact your playback experience. It can be found next to the Help button in the top right corner of the menu bar to open it up!

Click below to view a video walkthrough, or read on for written instructions:


The widget is typically found in the top right corner of the app, to the left of the Help button.

Browser & Desktop App

You'll see it in that location when you're using Chrome, Safari or Edge. This is also where you'll find it in our downloadable desktop app for macOS and Windows.

It can be opened by clicking the icon of the arrows connected by a pair of dots <・・ >.

iPad App

In our mobile app, you'll find it in the same corner next to the Help button. Here it's represented by a globe icon.

On that globe you'll see a colored dot that's green, orange or red depending on the overall connectivity status.

Inside the Widget

After you've opened it, you'll be presented with a host of information about your internet connection as it relates to what you can do in the app.

Download speed - The average speed of general file downloads

Video Streaming Speed - The average loading bitrate of videos you are playing

Video Loading Time - This shows two things:

  • How long it took to load the last video you watched
  • An average of how long it takes to load videos

Server Connectivity Status - A live picture of the various services that are used to deliver and protect your assets.

Green dots indicate that network connectivity is adequate and you can expect a responsive viewing experience from Flow Capture.

Orange dots indicate that network connectivity is degraded and as a result Flow Capture may be slow to respond.

Red dots indicate that there is a connection failure or severe problem with network performance and Flow Capture will not function properly as a result.

Status Page - Find out information about any incidents that may be affecting your experience.

Support - Contact Flow Capture support either through the in-app 'Help' or on

Why is my Video Streaming Speed slower than my speed test?

The Video Streaming Speed Check measures the average loading bitrate of videos you are playing in our apps; it is not a measure of maximum capacity. The video player is tuned to efficiency and will not consume more bandwidth than is required to ensure smooth video playback. We benchmark the Video Streaming Speed check to set appropriate levels (Green, Orange, and Red) based on our video playback performance testing.