Deleting Assets

If you accidentally uploaded something incorrectly and want to get rid of it instead of moving it to another Folder in the Production, don't worry! You can easily remove it from Moxion. 

Start by hopping into the Viewer tab to locate what you're looking to delete. Then click the Action Menu next to it to bring up the options. 

Select that big, red Delete button, which brings up a warning asking you to confirm or cancel:

If you're sure that's the asset you want to remove, then you can click this other big, red Delete button and it'll be gone!

The ability to delete assets is only available to those with Uploader permissions or higher. 

Deleting Multiple Assets

The simplest way to do this is to Shift+click to select multiple assets at the same time and then repeat the process used for deleting individual assets.

The only difference is that all the notifications will reflect the number of assets you're deleting instead of one specific asset. 

Deleting Batches

You can also use the action menu on any Batch to delete all of the assets it contains, if necessary.