Firewalls and Whitelisting

We understand that security is a top concern for anyone using Flow Capture. If you or your company have a firewall set up, you'll want to whitelist the following domains to help ensure proper functioning and playback when accessing Flow Capture:

Please make sure to copy and paste each address fully, and the destination for all Flow Capture traffic is TCP to port 443 (HTTPS).

You may also want to add us to any internal email whitelists you have. Adding the following domain will help ensure that you're getting all the notifications you need, timely responses from our support team, and more.


Flow Capture Immediates

The use of our camera-to-cloud solution functions just like a normal upload or view would, so you can use the same information to whitelist the domain and S3 bucket:

Please make sure to copy and paste each address fully, and set the destination for all Flow Capture traffic in TCP to port 443 (HTTPS).

Multi-Unit Setup

If your production is going to have multiple units using Immediates running through a central QTAKE Server  hub with the SYNC, IO and CENTRAL modules, there's one more step to get everything working - make sure the computer or router that's acting as your central QTAKE Server point of control is set to accept traffic on the following ports:

  • TCP 44443
  • TCP 8500 - 8600

Once implemented, each unit's QTAKE operators will be able to share or review the assets that are going through Flow Capture. 

Live Streaming

The information below will help you appropriately whitelist everything you need to work with live streams in Flow Capture. 

Viewing Streams

If you are going to be watching live assets in Flow Capture you will need the following ports whitelisted: 

Broadcasting Streams

If you are streaming from Flow Capture Connect on any platform or you will need the following ports whitelisted:
If you are streaming SRT assets you will need the following port whitelisted:

Flow Capture Rooms

This is what you'll need to make sure our Rooms work correctly within your environment:

For all of the above, make sure to use TCP/443 ports.

  • (UDP/3478)

Whitelisting for Custom Domains

If your company has its own Flow Capture domain separate from the standard portal, we have separate information that you will need to use for whitelisting. 

Reach out to for further assistance!