Mobile Screenshot Detection

While most of the places you can use Flow Capture allow you to grab a frame natively from within the app itself, devices like iPhones and iPads that you may use on the go have functions built into their hardware which can make this quicker, but much less secure. When a screenshot or screen recoding is taken on a device instead of within Flow Capture, we automatically send out email notifications to any admins who are a part of that folder. 

When this is done on a folder where DRM is enabled, it will result in a screenshot (or video, if you're taking a screen recording) with an empty black space, and if watermarks are enabled on that folder, it will show as well.

If DRM has been disabled in the folder where you're taking a screen shot or recording, you'll receive the following notification:

That action will also show up in the Activity Stream of the folder that contains the asset.