Working With EDLs on Flow Capture

Flow Capture allows you to utilize EDLs for more precise reviews of edits within our platform. You're able to make use of these through the Inbox's persistent player as well as the player in the Viewer in either our web or desktop apps. These are also great for adding precision to offline reviews in Rooms.

These can be uploaded at any time, either separately or at the same time as the video the EDL corresponds to, and as long as it's in the same folder as that clip, you'll be able to attach it. Once everything you need is up and has finished processing, select the asset that you'd like to apply its information to, open up the metadata tab and scroll down to the EDL option and click the + to choose the one you want to add.  

If there's more than one in the folder you're working in, you'll be able to select which one you want to use in the window that opens up. 

Once you've selected the one you want, choose Attach and all the edits will be applied to the clip's timeline on Flow Capture, which will have a segmented look:

Each division between the segments is an edit, and watching the clip will highlight each one as the playhead moves through it.

Navigating the EDL 

You can make use of several keyboard shortcuts to move around the clip via the segments produced by the EDL. 

Previous Segment - [

Next Segment - ]

Zoom In - CTRL + ]

Zoom Out - CTRL + [