AWS Elemental Link Stream Setup

AWS Elemental Link devices connect a live video source, like a camera, video production equipment, or air-gapped desktop to Moxion as a Live asset. 

This guide will walk you through everything that's needed to get a device and set it up within

Purchase a Device

You will need to purchase a AWS Elemental Link device direct from AWS. Details on how to purchase a device and pricing information is available from the AWS website.

Transfer a Device into Moxion 

Once you have obtained your device you will need to transfer your device into Moxion. Please contact support to obtain the required AWS account ID to transfer the device into.

In the following instructions, you learn how to complete a Link transfer between two accounts using the AWS Management Console. To do so, you need the device id and the receiving AWS account number.

To initiate a Link transfer, the Link must not be currently associated with a MediaLive input. Navigate to the Inputs section on the MediaLive Management Console.  Identify MediaLive inputs of type INPUT_DEVICE. Click on the inputs to verify the source device. Delete or edit the input to remove association of the Link with the input.

1. Navigate to the Devices section in your AWS console. Select the Link that you want to transfer. You are then taken to the Link’s overview page.

2. Click the Transfer device button to begin transfer process.

3. In the window that appears, select radio button to Transfer to another AWS account and enter the Moxion AWS Account ID that you obtained when contacting Moxion Support. Include a Transfer message for the recipient to add context to the transfer. Click Transfer button to complete the device transfer. 

  • If the transfer initiation is successful, a success message appears:
Transfer device success notification
4. Advise Moxion support that the device is ready to be accepted by Moxion

Associate the Elemental Link with a Moxion Folder

After Moxion support has advised of a successful transfer you can then associate the Elemental Link device with a Moxion folder using the Device ID:

For more on that process, click here.