Playback Errors

On the rare chance that something goes wrong when you're viewing assets on Flow Capture, we always try to return an informative error message. We'll break those down in more detail here!

"No Playable Dynamic Ranges"

SDR Playback has been disabled by your administrator.

This means that we are restricted to the original HDR (High Dynamic Range) playback for this asset, and we aren't viewing it on a compatible device/browser. This can be resolved by viewing the asset on an HDR compatible device (iPhone / iPad Pro) or connecting an HDR/Dolby Vision compatible display to your computer.

For more information on compatibility, you can refer to our article on HDR & Dolby Vision

"⚠️ Playlink has Expired"

This means that the time-sensitive playlink you have been shared had a limited time availability and that it's window for playback and is no longer available. For this to be reactivated, you will need to contact the person who sent you the playlink (listed in the message) so that they can reactivate it for you.