Flow Capture Rooms: Camera/Microphone Not Detected

Here are some useful troubleshooting steps if your camera isn't detected by Flow Capture when joining a Room

Browser Permission for Camera & Mic

When you enter a Flow Capture Room for the first time, your browser will ask you whether the Flow Capture site can use your camera and microphone. Always choose Allow. If you don't, there will be no microphone or camera options when you're in a Room and you won't be able to speak or run a camera during the session. 

Sometimes those Allow or Deny options can be easily missed or dismissed! Don't worry - we'll walk you through how to verify that your browser has given the correct permission. 

Google Chrome

Start by joining a Flow CaptureRoom within Flow Capture on desktop. If you get to the Choose Devices dialog and the option to Allow or Deny hasn't appeared, or doesn’t have all the expected cameras and microphones, look to the top right corner of your browser’s address bar.

If there's a small camera or microphone icon with a little red X through it, it means you need to grant permission for Flow Capture to use your devices. 

  • Click on the icon
  • Choose allow Flow Capture to access your camera and microphone 
  • Click the Done button
  • Reload the Flow Capture page put the changes into effect
  • Try rejoining the Room 

If you don’t see this icon or the steps above don’t help, some other app may be monopolizing your devices. Hop down to the close other interfering apps section for more info about that. 


If you get to the Choose Devices dialog after joining a Flow Capture Room and the Allow or Deny option doesn’t appear, or all the expected cameras and microphones aren't there, you probably need to allow Flow Capture access to your camera and microphone. 

These steps will walk you through that process:

  • Open up the Safari Preferences screen (From the top right corner of your browser click Safari, select Preferences) and 
  • Go to the websites tab

  • Choose Camera from the list in the left hand column
  • Make sure the Flow Capture site is set to Allow
  • Select the Microphone option and repeat the process
  • Close the Preferences dialog
  • Reload the Rooms page in the browser

If this still doesn’t help, some other app may be monopolizing your devices!

Close Other Interfering Apps

Your computer’s camera and microphone can be used by several apps at any give time. Sometimes, though, they may unintentionally interfere with each other. Missing cameras and microphones can often become available if you close down other video call apps that may be holding the camera for their own use.

Try closing any video call apps that may be open in the background:

  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Chime
  • Skype

Once you've done that, close and restart your browser, then reload the Rooms page. The missing cameras should now be freed up for Flow Capture's use.

If you're still having trouble, please reach out to support@moxion.io for further assistance!