Production Templates

Note: The creation of production templates is restricted to Company Admins.

Production templates let you bring some, most or all of your settings using an existing production as a starting point.

To create a template, click the Menu button on a Production and choose "Create Production Template"

The "Create Production Template" menu

Copy Folders

Copy Folder and Sub Folders

Copies the folder structure of the production

Copy and/or Assign Teams

Copy Production Teams and Permissions

Assign Company Teams

Brings the Production level teams over as empty teams without participants.

Assign Users

Production Team Assignment

Apply Folder Access

Apply User Permissions

Brings the Production level teams over as full teams and assigns the same participants to the folders with matching permissions.

Template Management

Your templates can be managed in Administration > Production Templates

Within this screen you can see all available templates with the option to Delete template.

Clicking on each template will reveal some metrics such as how many folders it contains and how many teams/people are within.