Inbox (Finder/MX6 Beta)

The next step in our MX6 Beta rollout is the updated Inbox experience. At a glance, it's a crisper version of the one you already know, but under the hood are many quality of life improvements and customization options.

Productions Column

This is where all of the projects you're a part of are organized. The Inbox that's selected by default contains every message you've received across all of the productions you're a part of.

You'll see a rundown of every message from those in chronological order, with the newest at the top.


This filter has all of the playlinks you've been sent.

Folder Activity

The messages here are the automatic notifications we send out when one or more new assets get uploaded to Moxion and have finished processing.

Live Streams

If someone is broadcasting a stream into a part of Moxion that you have access to, you'll be able to quickly access it from here without having to dig through all of your messages or find the folder it's coming from.


Any message that's too important to forget can be flagged for future review and will show up in this filter for easy access.


If you like to keep a tidy Inbox, you can archive any messages that you no longer need to access into this section.


This filter keeps track of any playlinks that you have created and shared with others.

Add Production

While it's helpful to be able to see all of the messages from every production at once, you may also want to keep your eyes on one or two specific ones. If that's the case, you can use this option to choose from a list of every one that you have access to and then add it to your Inbox.

To start, click on the Add Production dropdown menu to bring up a list of the ones you're a part of:

Then click the production you want to have a focus on to add it to the productions column. You can continue to add other productions, and once you're done, the Inbox will list them under the All Inbox:

They will all have the different filters (Share, Folder Activity, etc.) that exist in your main Inbox, but here they are tied solely to the production you've got selected.

If you want to keep things a little tidy, you can also minimize anything you're not using.

Messages Column

The next column over displays the messages that are associated with whichever production and filter combination you've selected to the left.

These continue to be displayed chronologically, with the newest at the top, but you can also quickly filter by date or unread by clicking the switcher above the Search field.


Speaking of search, this allows you to look through all of the messages for whatever you have selected. The only text that isn't indexed and searchable are the file names themselves, but if you know a message was sent by a specific person, you can easily create a filter by searching for them.

Message Options

Hovering over a message will give you three options:

  • Mark as unread
  • Archive message - Takes the messages out of your Inbox (but keeps it in the archive filter)
  • Flag message - Allows you to mark the message as important to save for later.

Message Window

Once you've selected a message, you'll see all the assets it contains, and any custom text if it's a playlink. You'll have the ability to start playling all the assets and, if you've got the permissions, a download all button.

If you can download, every asset will also have a vertical ellipsis button that you can click to download the individual file.