Flow Capture for iPhone (iOS)

Our app for the iPhone is the most portable version of Flow Capture you can find, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice functionality when you're working out of pocket. Not only do you have our powerful player and access to all of your assets, you've also got the full suite of commenting and markup tools so never have to wait to leave your notes.

The Inbox

Just like the web and iPad apps, you'll land in your Inbox after logging into the app. From here, you'll be able to see all of the messages you've been sent. Whether they're regular notifications or a Playlink with a cut that needs review, you can tap into the message, choose the asset, and our player will spin it up for you.

While you're playing a clip, you can also turn your phone sideways and the player will switch to a landscape view.

If anyone has left a comment on what you're watching it will be noted by a triangle along the timeline at the spot they made it.

Pinning a Production

The default view in your Inbox will show you everything from every production you're working on. To help you keep a closer eye on specific productions, you can add them as a kind of filter. Tapping the Inbox navigation at the top of the app will open a view of all the filters you can use, as well as the Add Production option.

Tap that and then scroll until you find the production you'd like to pin and choose that. Now, you'll have a quick way to view just the activity of that production!

The Desktop

If you'd rather dive into the folder structure of a production to get to a clip, you can start by tapping the main navigation icon at the top of the app.

From here, you'll see the Inbox and Desktop tabs. Choose the latter and you'll be brought into a list of all the productions you have access to, in alphabetical order under their respective groups.

Selecting a production will bring you into the top level of its folder structure. Tap a folder to go into it and you'll find any subfolders it contains listed at the top. Below that are all the assets that have been added to the folder, orgainized into their respective batches. From there, tap any asset to start viewing it.


When you're watching a video in the Flow Capture app, you can tap the screen to bring up a suite of playback controls. Pause and (when the clip is paused) the Play button will always be in the center.

To the left, you'll find all the backwards controls. From the top down are a 10-second rewind, previous clip, and single frame back.

On the right are the forward moving controls; skip 10 seconds ahead, next clip, and single frame step.


If you want to leave feedback while you're watching a clip, just tap the word bubble icon to bring up our full suite of commenting and markup tools.

Write out any notes you have and if you want to point out what you're referring to, you can use any of the options above the comment field to:

  • Free Draw - Use your finger to make whatever shape you need.
  • Leave a Beacon - Makes a slowly pulsing dot to draw eyes to what you're talking about.
  • Make an Arrow - Adds a pointer to direct someone's attention to a spot in the video.
  • Make a Rectangle - Creates a four-sided object to box in an area on the clip.
  • Make a Circle - Generates a rounded object you can use to highlight a section of the frame you're stopped on.


If you want to change the order your clips are displayed, tap the Batch button at the top of the app, just beneath the folder path.

Choose the option you want to base your sorting on and all the clips in that folder will reorder accordingly.

User Options

A small number of user-specific configurables can be found by going into the Settings tab on the main navigation screen. Tap your name in the bottom left corner to bring these up.

From the top down are:

  • Selected Company - If you've been added to more than company, you can switch between them here.
  • Settings - This contains information about the version of the app you're using, and whether you have Inbox Only access enabled.
  • Simple Code - This can be used to help log you in to our Apple TV app. You can either enter hte code on the screen or scan it with your phone's camera.