2023/11 - Late November Release

Introducing the Moxion Public Beta!

This week we are rolling out the Public Beta for the New Moxion Experience with a new BETA toggle available in the toolbar. From there you can seamlessly toggle between the Classic and Beta versions of Moxion to experience our exciting new features such as Global Search, our new Desktop and Inbox, Drag and Drop and a brand new Player!

For more information see:

Moxion Guides: Welcome to the Beta

Moxion Guides: Beta Limitations

Bug Fixes

iPadOS and iOS: SSO Login

We have identified and resolved an issue which could prevent users from being redirected to their relevant SSO portal during login.

API: Performance Improvements

We have improved performance for some requests when using the Moxion API

Error: Permission Denied

We have identified and resolved an issue which could cause certain users to experience frequent "Permission Denied" prompts when navigating their content.

Beta Updates

Asset Management: Drag and Drop

When dragging and dropping assets between folders they will maintain their batch name in the new location.

Desktop: Tags

Tags now correctly display when browsing and searching Assets.

Desktop: Performance Improvements

We have identified and resolved a performance issue which could appear when switching between Inbox and Desktop