Personal Settings

These are the settings that apply specifically to your account and experience on Moxion. You can change them at both the Production and Folder levels. 

The Folder Settings button in the Viewer will let you view and make changes on that level.

You can also get there from the Desktop Tab by clicking the Action Menu on a Folder and choosing Show Settings.

The options presented to you will be the same regardless of how you get there!

Email Notifications

Moxion generates a variety of notifications, but if you find your email inbox inundated with updates, you can head here to select exactly which ones you'd like to receive.

These are also available at the Production level.

Please note that Immediates Upload is for customers using our  Immediates  product. When you enable this, Moxion will send you an email summarizing all of the assets uploaded within the selected period of the following intervals:

Asset Views

Here you can set the information you’ll see on assets around Moxion; these get populated with the metadata that’s associated with each asset. Choose the three types that are most relevant to what you need to see.

Sort Order

This setting allows you to dictate the sorting order of the assets on the Moxion platform.

The way the sorting actually works is that it does a sort on the asset NAME, not the time when the asset was uploaded, despite the “Oldest / Newest” language. So it is actually equivalent to “Name Ascending” / “Name Descending”.

Future platform updates will address the counter-intuitive nature of this setting.