Personal Settings

These are the settings that apply specifically to your account and experience on Flow Capture. To view or change any of your personal settings, first, click on the lower left hand corner, and then click the Personal Settings tab. 

Asset Views 

Here you can set the information you’ll see on assets around Flow Capture; these get populated with the metadata that’s associated with each asset. Choose the three types that are most relevant to what you need to see. 

Email Notifications 

To keep yourself updated on what is happening on the productions you’re working on, you can control which activities you’d like to automatically receive notification emails for in your settings. 

These personal notification settings can be modified across an entire production or just for a specific folder, and the options available to you will be the same no matter where you're making the changes.  

To configure your notifications, first, go to the Desktop and select a folder or a Production you want to adjust the settings for.  

Next, on the right-hand side, click on the personal notification settings icon, which will open the notification panel that contains a variety of different toggles.  

Here, you can select which activities you’d like to be notified about. By default, you’ll have the Upload notifications turned ON for all accounts. Each type of notification is tied to the following actions: 

Added to Folder – Notifies you everytime you are added to a new folder (available at the Production level only) 

Screen Capture - Initiated by the native screenshot or screen recording function in either the Flow Capture iPhone or iPad apps.  

View Video - Lets you know when someone has watched a video asset. 

View Image - Lets you know when someone has watched a still asset. 

Play audio - Sends a notification when an audio-only asset is played. 

Comment - Sends out a message every time someone leaves a comment on an asset in the folder or within a production where you've toggled this on.  

Delete - Informs you whenever an asset is removed. 

Download - Informs you when someone with download permissions has downloaded one or more assets. 

Upload - Sends out an email whenever a new batch has finished uploading and processing. ON by default. (Note: this must also be turned on to receive notifications about assets being moved) 

Immediates Upload - Sends out a digest notification for Immediates uploads at specific, timed intervals to the email address tied to your account. The default once enabled is a message every hour, but you can also choose from the following: 

Toggle each one to the on or off position to customize the notifications you wish to receive, based on the activities that are most relevant to your own personal workflows.