Folders (and Subfolders)

The Moxion Desktop has a nested Folder structure, enabling you to create an organizational structure of Folders within Folders (or, subfolders) that goes as many levels deep as you need. It's easiest to think of Folders as combinations of assets that have been uploaded to Moxion and the people you want to grant access to those assets. 

The way you structure your Folders allows you to keep track of both the assets and people within a given Production. You can use them to separate unsorted Dailies (small distro) from Selects (wider distro), or the still photo assets used during location scouting from those for use during marketing.

Depending on the type of layout you're using, you'll see slightly different variations of a Folder's card. The only difference between the Icon and Column layouts is that the former gives you a larger card where you'll see any Description that's been added (which you can always find in the Information Panel). 

Each Folder card has a color stripe, name, and two context-sensitive parts. If it has assets, there will be a small blue dot to the right of the name. Hovering over the card brings up its Action Menu. 

Creating a New Folder

You can make a new Folder by clicking anywhere on that card in the middle portion of the Desktop. As with normal Folders, these will look slightly different depending on the view you're using:

This will open up a modal window where you can enter a name, description, and choose a color for the new Folder. 

The only required field is Folder Name, but you can add a description and choose it's color, as well!

The Folder Action Menu

Clicking the Action menu on the right side of a card gives you the following options:

  • Open in Viewer - Opens the selected Folder in the Viewer tab.
  • Show Settings - Brings you to the Folder Settings in the Viewer tab. 
  • Show Participants - Opens up the Manage Teams tab.
  • Edit Folder Details - Allows you to edit the name, description, and Folder's color stripe. 
  • Move Folder - Lets you send the Folder to another Folder or subfolder in the same Production. 
  • Delete Folder - Allows you to remove the Folder and any assets within it. This requires further confirmation in the form of a pop-up modal:

Watch a video

Learn about Folders and Subfolders from this video tour!