Action Menus

Action Menus are context- and permission-sensitive lists that give you the ability to perform specific tasks depending on what is clicked to open one up.

They're displayed by default or mouse-over on Groups, Productions, Folders, Batches, or Assets. Their visibility and what actions are available to the user vary depending on their Permission level. These examples show an Action Menu for an Asset with a user who has Uploader permissions:

and for another who has Downloader permissions (note the extra option available at that level):

Hide/Unhide Notifications

Action menus can also be used as a method of distributing assets! During the upload process, you have the option to make the Batch you're uploading into Hidden. This prevents any notifications from being sent out when the assets have finished uploading and processing, while also keeping the batch and any assets inside it invisible from folks with the default Viewer permission level.

It's a helpful option if you want to double-check any of your work before notifying everyone else in the Folder that it's up for viewing.

Once you've checked and are satisfied with your work, you can Unhide the Batch and choose to send out notifications to everyone on the Folder, no one, or a select few.

You can also use Hide/Unhide to resend notifications at any time. Just click the Action Menu for the batch you want to Hide and select that option. 

Then open up the same Action Menu and choose Unhide Batch, which will bring up the same Unhide Notification modal pictured above, and choose whom you'd like to send out notices to. 

Note that regardless of whom you choose to inform, all the Folder's participants will be able to see and view any assets within the newly available Batch.

Rooms + Playlists

Action Menus are the starting point for every Rooms session, as they are where you can create new Playlists or continue adding assets to an already existing one.

The workflow begins with the Add to Playlist option. From there, you can either Create a New Playlist or choose an existing one to add it to. There's a list of recent playlists, but you're also able to see and search through all of the ones you have access to from the Action Menu itself.